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Take Time to Create. It's good for you! 

In this time of uncertainty while we are all doing our best to stay healthy, keep calm, support our children and families, all the while working from home, dealing with unemployment, or both or all of the above. I hear you, and I am with you all the way. I also want to say that it is important to schedule creative time. Creating allows you to achieve calmness and flow while creating something tangible that you can point to and say, "I made this!"

Some of you may know that our current National Crisis, coping with the Covid-19 virus, isn't our first National Disaster that our family has weathered through. We now live in the suburbs of Buffalo NY, but prior to that we were fortunate to have the experience of living on the other side of the world in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Our time in NZ was delightful, but wasn't without it's challenges. One major challenge being living through the Christchurch earthquakes that began with a 7.1 in September, 2010, peaked with a 6.3 magnitude quake, nearly right under the city in February 2011, and aftershocks that continued  for the rest of that year and throughout the duration of our stay. During that time, life was turned upside down and literally sideways for our family. One thing that got me through was time spent knitting and exploring my new craft of wet felting. I dove into my creative time with all my heart because I knew that I would come out of it with a finished object that I MADE!  So many things were happening that was out of my control, but the time I used to create helped to achieve a sense of calm. This allowed myself the capacity to adapt, so that I could help my children adapt to life's challenges that were completely out of our control. 

While we are all pausing our lives, sheltering in place, and tackling this new unknown in our own way, I offer you a gift of creativity. I invite you to download my wet felted flowers tutorial to try your hand at wet felting. Many of my students comment during class that they find wet felting a very calming and relaxing hobby. I agree with them, whole heartedly. After completing this tutorial you will have created a beautiful flower from warm water, soap and wool. I think we could all use a vase of flowers right about now, wouldn't you agree?  

As far as supplies go, felting is very DIY friendly. Spare pieces of plastic or bubble wrap, sushi mats, or non-skid rubber liners will work as a felting surface. Bowls of warm water with a sponge, or water bottles with holes in the top will make a good warm water bottle sprinkler. Most non-superwash wools will felt, so feel free to try using your spinning wool stash. Many of my classes for this spring have cancelled, so I do have kits available in my Etsy Shop if you have always wanted to try felting, but don't have any wool to get started. I will be shipping as orders come in, and I always sanitize my shipping area and use proper hand washing techniques before prepping orders and throughout the day, every day. Please feel free to use #ZanieCraftsFeltedFlowers on social media when sharing your projects. I would love to see what you create!  

Free Wet Felted Flowers Tutorial! CLICK HERE

Upcoming Workshops:

To help slow the spread of Covid-19, Many scheduled workshops and events are cancelled or postponed this spring.

January, 2020 





Upcoming Artisan Markets:

February 23rd, 10AM-5PM          The Knitting Circle Third Annual Artisan Market

Postponed March 20-22nd                        Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival                          

Cancelled -April 18th & 19th                            River Lea Quilters Guild.... More info to come 

Cancelled/ Postponed till Fall 2020, May 9th, 10AM-4PM                    Shepherd's Wool Market, Rush NY


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